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Guesthouse “Sansan-Kan”

As a part of the recovery effort, a variety of guesthouses have been established in the Minami Sanriku area. The guesthouse “Sansan-Kan” is housed in a remodeled Showa-era primary school, offering guests a unique experience. In addition, the guesthouse features workshops in traditional Japanese cooking and agriculture. A one night stay including two meals is about 6,000 yen.


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Guesthouse “Yasuragi”


Hotel Kanyo

A Tohoku instiitution, the Kanyo is an attraction in its own right. With sweeping, panoramic views of Shizugawa Bay from the lobby and dining areas, this hotel offers a world-class hotel stay in the heart of the natural beauty of the Miyagi coast. Take a steamy plunge in the hotel's outdoor rotenburo bath overlooking the water and afterward enjoy a sumptuous Japanese dinner. Rooms range from 10,000 - 20,000 yen per person, depending on the season.

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The owners of the Yasuragi guesthouse go out early in the morning on Shizugawa Bay, right in front of Minami-Sanriku town, to get the freshest seafood every day for their guests. You can also join their sea tour for fishing and sightseeing. With homecooked meals and comfortable facilities, it is about 8,000 yen for one night per person (includes two meals).


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