minami sanriku

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Be sure to try Minami Sanriku's decadent specialty, rice topped with salmon roe (ikura). Kirakira is an onomatopeia with a meaning similar to glittering. Don means rice with a topping.

Kirakira Ikura Don

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From urchin to abalone, scallops to sea bream, Minami Sanriku is renowned as a seafood lover's paradise!


The town's fishing industry had to be rebuilt from scratch after the 2011 tsunami destroyed over 90% of its fleet. Yet the tsunami brought a remarkable, unforeseen benefit: the seafloor in the bay was scrubbed clean, reinvigorating oyster and seaweed aquaculture and bringing an even higher quality harvest.


“The sea was rejuvenated due to the tsunami. The excellent growth of kaki and wakame demonstrates that Mother Nature nurtures all creatures.”


-Kenichi Muraoka, fisherman and conservation leader

Indulge with confidence: like all food in the region, every catch is strictly tested for safety.

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Seaweed harvesting